Rhonda Lee Glover


Murray Unit
1916 N. Hwy
36 BP
Gatesville, TX

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Hello From Texas!

I am a native Houstonian and love my hometown!!
I enjoy the golfing, lakes, city life + shopping there.
I have been all over the world and love to hear about travel.
I’m hoping to meet new friends from around the world.
I am a conservative Christian lady.
I will not reply to any mail in a sexual nature.
I love to cook, camp, RV, workout with free weights, go to the lake and beach.
I have a beautiful family!
I am a student of paralegal studies and want to become educated in advanced law studies, earing a degree.
When I get my case overturned, I will take the bar exam!
Yes, a very optimistic outlook for me… the glass is always half full!
I am not the woman portrayed by the DA’s or the media.
Here are a few things to know
1. I worked all my life. I owned a very successful rewriting firm, operating nationwide.
2. I was doting, loving mom.
3. I was misdiagnosed w/bipolar disorder, and have been released from this in 2007; I am here due to a meltdown/psychosis on Risperdal.
4. I have proof of the domestic violence, much like OJ, my ex believed he was above law.
5. I was tried while incompetent.
I would love to connect with people who are activists, advocates or those interested in being involved with the media to help me straighten out this mess created behind lies + fabrications.
I have lost $320,000 on attorneys who have done nothing to investigate my case.
So, if you’d like to reach out to me, I have every detail scanned into the computer for your review!
If you just want to be friends + pen pals, I welcome that also –
Peace + Love,
Rhonda Lee


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Rhonda Lee Glover



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Murray Unit
1916 N. Hwy
36 BP
Gatesville, TX



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Cook, camp RV, workout with free weights, go to the lake and beach



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