Megan Smith


P.O. Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093

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Lonely Workaholic Seeks Stimulating Conversations

After 2 years (and more than that to go) of incarceration, I’m feeling forgotten and alone.
I’m eager to reconnect with the real world.
As someone who is educated well beyond high school.
I find the constant drama here to be mind-numbing and depressing.
To avoid it, I spent most of my time at work, but I’m hungry for some stimulating conversation to distract me from the monotony of prison life.
It would be great to look forward to letters and/or emails.
I’m 5’6″ with dark blond hair and blue eyes.
I have several piercings and am fairly heavily tattooed.
I enjoy the outdoors, music, good conversation, road trips, high quality bourbon, and sex.
I can come across as pretty reserved and cynical and I have a weird, dry sense of humor but once you get to know me, you’ll find that I’m very caring and a lot of fun.
I’m open-minded, adventurous and willing to try anything once.
I’m open to serious and casual conversation.
Hopefully, I make a long-term friend or two along the way.
Send me a note and let’s talk!


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Megan Smith



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P.O. Box 1731
Waseca, MN 56093



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Reading, gardening, animals, fishing, traveling, camping, motorcycles



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Men and Women

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Conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, illegal possession of a firearm

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Sept 2026

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March 2027

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