Louanne Larson


Mountain View Unit
2305 Ransom Road
Gatesville, TX

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I am Seeking Companionship Through Correspondences

You are never too old to learn! I know a little bit about a lot of subjects. I am an avid reader, and exercise is important to me, so I workout using the Pilates method.

Bible reading and study is a daily joy that gives me peace inside.

Before prison, horseback riding, artwork, yardwork, gardening, swimming, camping, and travel were fun and relaxing to me, as well as playing 42 dominoes.

The world outside these prison fences has  changed greatly since 1993 when I was incarcerated. I hope to learn about life out there. Maybe you can tell me?

My job here is transcribing textbooks into Braille for blind students, and I love it! I have learned basic computer skills as well as Braille, which will help me earn a living when released.

My Mom recently passed away. My father died in 1995, so I’m a 63 year old orphan. Alone in an environment packed with people. Do you ever feel this way?

If you would like to write, I’d love to hear from you. I enjoy writing,

If you e-mail me through JPay please include your mailing address because I can only respond using snail mail.

Have a happy day!


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Louanne Larson



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Mountain View Unit
2305 Ransom Road
Gatesville, TX



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Transcribing textbooks into braille for blind students, reading, travel to National Parks, camping, fishing, cooking, swimming, sewing, leatherwork, gentle-breaking horses, animal lover (would like a rescue dog), writing, drawing, Pilates.



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