Lena Brewer


Dayton Correctional Institution
4104 Germantown St.
Dayton, OH

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Hey y'all, my name's Lena

I am incarcerated currently due to a domestic violence situation.
I was the victim turned defendant and since Ohio has no self defense law here I sit smh.

I am 34 years young 5’6, 160lbs, 36DD, thick thighs 15 tasteful tattoos with long blonde hair and ice blue eyes that change colors with my mood. I’m a Scorpio, I’m bi sexual, passionate, smart, loyal, bluntly honest, trustworthy, sassy, down to earth, spontaneous, adventurous, and funny. I think life is short so lets live it to the fullest. with that being said I have an extremely raunchy sense of humor, I’m very open minded and I love the taboo and exotic things that life has to offer. I also don’t get offended easily. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan however being loyal to the wrong man landed me in Ohio. I am a city girl but country at heart. I love to go to the spa, the mall, movies, comedy clubs, amusement parks, concerts, nice restaurants and I love to travel! the country girl in me also loves bonfires camping, kayaking, ATV riding and fishing.

Life has dealt me a shitty hand these past few years but I’ve played it pretty well. I go to a halfway house in 10 months (April of 2023) I’m ready to get out and live life to the fullest….if u feel like I’m someone worth getting to know, u def won’t be disappointed! hope to hear from u soon


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Lena Brewer



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Dayton Correctional Institution
4104 Germantown St.
Dayton, OH



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