Cindy Allman


Lakin Correctional Center
11264 Ohio River Road
West Columbia, WV 25287

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Honest and Very Loyal

American/Irish girl searching for a good time! I am looking for friendship, companionship, whatever you are willing to give.
I love nature and animals and to have a good time. I try to stay as positive as possible and will give others the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves to be a bad influence. I am spiritual but also bi-sexual.
I am open and honest and very loyal. I believe truth is the best policy and own up to my mistakes. I love to have fun and make the best out of all situations. I am family oriented. Never had any kids but grew up with several nieces and nephews. I am very intelectual and love to learn new things.
I am always up for a challenge.
I have been incarcerated since 2009, but have made the best of the situation.


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Cindy Allman



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Lakin Correctional Center
11264 Ohio River Road
West Columbia, WV 25287



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Reading, gaming, painting, nature, learning, exercise



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Men and Women

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felony murder

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Life w/o parole

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